Roadside churches in Finland

Roadside churches are open to visitors along the main routes throughout Finland all summer. If you need a little break from your busy travels, turn off the highway whenever you see this sign. Step inside the local Roadside church and enjoy a different kind of break, complete with a peaceful, beautiful and sacred atmosphere. Take a little extra blessing with you as you continue your journey with a lighter heart and mind.

Each year, Finland has 265 Roadside churches open to visitors. The churches are primarily Lutheran, but there are also a few Orthodox churches along the way. The opening hours vary, so it is a good idea to check out the information for any individual church you may be looking to visit. Generally, the churches are open daily 11 a.m.–4 p.m. from 10 June until 20 August. All of the churches hold worship services as well as a variety of other events, from concerts to organ arias. Open the list of Roadside churches for summer 2019 to see their opening hour information.

A dose of summertime culture

The Roadside churches and their surroundings serve as a window into history, architecture and culture. Many Finns enjoy treating their summer guests to a visit at the church nearest their own home or cottage.  The Roadside churches are ready to welcome you anywhere, whether you are close to home or visiting the other side of Finland.

Finland adopted the idea of keeping churches open to the public from Germany, and our country’s first Roadside churches opened in the early 1990s in Northern Finland. Since then, the idea has expanded to include all parts of Finland. The network now includes both Evangelical Lutheran churches and Orthodox churches. New churches join the network each year.

All churches can be found in the search engine

All of Finland’s churches are not part of the Roadside church network. If you can’t find the church you’re looking for from this website, use the ‘Locate your church’ map service for a list of all Lutheran churches in Finland, including the roadside churches.

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Roadside church services

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inva-wc Toilet for disabled
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hartaus-musiikki Worship services/music programmes
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